The History of Me


Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

Senior Lead Developer

Lead developer across multiple work groups. In my role I head programming projects for internal application development and marketing. I also work with core systems, Jack Henry & Associates Symitar platform, working directly with credit union transaction software with internal records and 3rd party vendor integration. I am personally responsible for custom internal HR software, SharePoint Intranet redesign and website development and management.

I have successfully integrated my marketing and development knowledge to move application development forward in my time and set new standards for application design, use and interaction. By conducting user interviews, work flow surveys, analytics reviews and best practices mixed with proven design models I was able to increase adoption, streamline the user experience and prioritize information in a more effective manner. Results included higher adoption rates of users, up over 200% and reduced help desk tickets freeing up resources for other work as well as an overall increase in user satisfaction.

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Brownstein Group

Technology Manager

My role as Technology Manager had me responsible for oversight in all digital projects. I managed a team of developers and UX designers to produce exemplary, award winning interactive projects. I was tasked with being primary technical contact for clients, doing technology discovery to identify core features of projects and recommend appropriate technology to accomplish those goals. I oversaw the execution of project development and personally handle high level programming and database design. My work included coordination with strategic and design teams to guarantees all aspect of the deliverable met or exceeded the project scope. Testing, quality control and post launch client satisfaction completed my responsibilities. Other tasks I took upon myself was to implement an Agile-Scrum workflow, taking responsibility to train Project Management and the dev team on these methodologies. I also personally oversaw the development and training of our junior team members to increase their knowledge and our teams overall effectiveness.

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Senior Developer

As senior developer I worked with the creative directors, designers and oversaw the interactive department for the definition of projects and to facilitate their creation. My role was to identify appropriate technologies that created the best possible experience for the users that will allow us to meet our clients goals, define timelines and budget requirements and shepherd the project through the development cycle. Further responsibilities include design and coding of front-end UI experience, backend application programming and integration with 3rd party data services. I was also responsible for the development of internal applications and infrastructure that supported the organization and the development group. I personally mentored each member of my team to share my experiences leading to an expansion of their abilities while encouraging research and continuous learning. This hands on mentoring had grown the capabilities of the organization and fostered a close team environment.

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D and D Interactive

Senior Developer

Project Lead for a web development team. Planning and design of MS SQL & MySQL databases for a variety of projects, application design and coding using Cold Fusion, ASP Classic and Development of content management systems (CMS) and dynamic content systems using database, RSS and XML data sources were my direct responsibility. Oversight of integration with 3rd party application and hosting environments. Coordination with designers and oversight of junior developers to ensure smooth workflow and targeted project milestone completion. Additional responsibilities included management of the company's five Windows 2003 servers, configuration of IIS 6.0 and maintaining the daily back-up systems.

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Self-Employed Contract Developer

Primarily specializing in web application development and content management solutions. I defined projects with the client and developed strategies to meet their requirements within their budget. Databases design, programming, architecture and coding were my responsibilities. Development was done in Cold Fusion, design of custom CFC's, ASP classic, PHP and JSP depending on clients' needs. I would enlist other contract workers to support projects that required more than just my attention. Project highlights listed below:

Mondre Energy, Lead developer MEAT Application 1/2003 to 7/2004

I led a team of 3 developers to take an existing standalone PC application and re-deployed it for Internet usage. We extended the application functionality to include User profile system, Secure Log-in, Image archive and multi-language support. The application was developed in Cold Fusion and dynamic JavaScript. We reorganized the existing database to expand its functionality and optimized performance. The application allowed multiple clients to track energy use at multiple locations and see historical trends in data and graphical formats. Users could create custom reports on their data and display them via the website.

Sony Music, Lead User Interface Developer 2/2000 - 9/2001

The Digital Asset Music Network System (DAMNS). Key project features included individual asset level permissions, multi-site/multi-language customization and the ability to customize screen display to meet users 'business profile'. I was hired to define the User Interface requirements, develop use case storyboards, involve other stakeholders of the user-interface discussion, requirement definition, usability reviews and use testing sessions. DAMNS was developed in JSP with extensive JavaScript and DHTML to enhance the User Interface.

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