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What started as a simple lesson with my kids on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) eventually morphed into a full blown arcade classic. Based on the vector graphic Atari classic, we rebuilt the game dynamics in HTML5 and JS (ES6). Each game piece is its own div, we leveraged SVG’s to keep the graphics crisp when we scaled them. We wrote our own game engine to update all the pieces and check for collisions. We got lucky and found the original game sounds on line. Updated the styles to make it a little more colorful. Craziest lesson learned was that the entire build is smaller than the background graphic.

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I code there for I am. Follow me and my boys projects on Github. We do some cool stuff and a lot of learning exercises so we can get better. Games, interesting ideas, stupid stuff. You know, why you got into coding too.

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Lead developer across multiple work groups. In my role I lead programming projects for internal application development and marketing.

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Father of 2 boys, friend to many, scooter rider, craft beer advocate, soccer fan and Star Wars super nerd. Pride myself on being a tinkerer of all things electronic and code.

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Studying chef, father of 2 boys and one cat, world traveler and past-life professional photographer.

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